CandL Cuitisan






Cuitisan is a revolutionary brand that adopts only high quality materials for its stainless steel products.
The containers are light, airtight, easy to clean and also extremely resistant to a wide temperature range (from -40°C up to 400°C).
the products are suitable for freezer, fridge, microwave* and oven* (*without lid).

Use Microwave

CUITISAN innovation enabling use of stainless steel in the microwave through outstanding technology!
From innovative airtight metal containers that are microwave safe to making their use possible in freezer, oven and dishwasher,
CUITISAN continues to create new paradigms for the kitchen.

Microwave heat transfer

Innovative cromosteel body by Cuitisan is unlike usual way of common microwave oven which pentrates microwaves and directly
touches the food, it interacts directly with microwaves to accumulate heat to body and transmit heat to its contents.

Water interaction with microwaves

General principle of microwaves comes directly into food and generates heat as it evaporate moisture with immense vibrations.
However Cuitisan keeps moisutre by making the food hot with accumulating heat to body unlike common microwaves.