Food Containers

High quality stainless steel and bone-chinaware food containers, which are environment-friendly and perfect for nearly all kitchen appliances.



Special cutting boards made of TPU, cups, mugs and jars, as well as beautiful and stylish serving plates made of stainless steel and porcelain


For Kids

Small and beautiful storage boxes with beautiful colors and patterns, specially designed for children and baby food.



Stainless steel storage containers and special set assemblies perfect for the usage on the go 


Bath Accessories

Our Spiderloc products provide a quick and easy way to add style and organization to your bathroom with their easy assembly


Cutting boards

Premium Porcelain

Suction cups


Yes, all Cuitisan containers can be used without lids in the microwave as well as in the oven to heat food. Please follow our instructions for use and care. You can download them here.

Download PDF

It may be possible to get a replacement. Please email us and send us a photo of the damage to with the following information:
- When and where did you purchase your container?
- Which container is it? Please tell us the dimensions of the container (length, width & height) and if possible the capacity. You can measure the capacity by filling the container to the top with water and then pouring the water into a measuring cup. 
- Do you still have a receipt of the purchase? If yes, please attach a photo of the receipt to the email.

You can put the Classic and GN Professional chopping boards in the dishwasher without hesitation. Only with the Handy chopping boards, we recommend cleaning by hand due to the very thin material. Please make sure that you place the chopping boards straight in your dishwasher and avoid bending or creasing them.

No, all cutting boards are only made of TPU and are not coated. Our cutting boards have completely avoided working with antibacterial chemicals.

Please contact us by email with the same information from question 2 and we will be happy to help you.